Bitcoin – My Record Of Predictions

With BTC still below $10k, the technical analysis was pointing to a fledgling bull market. At the time my predictions seemed foolish to many, but it wasn’t me saying BTC was destined to rise rapidly, it was the chart analysis.

Still below $10k, but the signs were clear…

Despite the pullback, the charts held firm and were very clear…

Bullish pennant target was indicated…

It’s always crucial to view the smaller moves in the context of the overall ‘big picture’

The Bitcoin bull run in the context of its 4-year cycle. Identifying likely final targets

The mature stage of the bull market with BTC 5-6 times higher than it was when I made my first predictions of a significant move up. Historic context really helps. Although a final destination of 200-250k is suggested, we always need to remain cautious, and monitor any signs of a breakdown.


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